Welcome to Our Practice

Ashburn Pediatric Dental Center is a state of the art pediatric dental facility that is dedicated to providing comprehensive dental care focusing on preventative dental care for infants, children and teens.  Additionally, we offer comprehensive orthodontic care for both children and adults.  It is our mission to provide our patients with a fun and positive experience with the dentist.

Dr. Ajit Patel has special training in pediatric dentistry, which makes him and his staff specially equipped to provide your child with excellent pediatric dental care in a comfortable, stress-free manner.  Our specialized training makes us the perfect choice for handing the needs of your child’s little mouths.  We will have your child smiling and eager to come back for their next visit.

Dr. Joe Errera, our board certified orthodontic specialist, has had special training in the orthodontic treatment of both children and adults.  He works with Dr. Patel to provide the comprehensive treatment of our patients' dental needs.

Whether it is your child’s first visit to the dentist or a routine check-up, we are dedicated to ensure that your family is well-informed and comfortable with each recommendation made to ensure your youngster’s dental health.  It is a well-proven fact that when children grow up with positive experiences at the dentist’s office, that they are much more likely to continue good oral care into adulthood.

For further information regarding our services, please use our website to learn more about routine professional cleanings, sedation dentistry, and orthodontics such as Invisalign & braces, to request an appointment and more. 

If you have any questions or would like to schedule your child’s next appointment, please call us at (703) 726-4333.

Teen Night

Ashburn Pediatric Dental Center is proud to offer an evening just for teens, ages 13 years and up only! Please ask our staff for details .