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How your pediatric dentist in Ashburn can help you and your child

Your child’s health is so important, and that includes dental health. You could take your child to see a general dentist, but why not bring your child in to see a dentist who delivers treatment designed with your child in mind?

Pediatric dentists are specialists who offer surroundings and treatment which are kid-friendly and inviting. Your pediatric dentist Dr. Ajit Patel at Ashburn Pediatric Dental Center in Ashburn, VA, wants to help you and your child discover what a pediatric dentist can do for you!

It’s important to remember your child is never too young to get cavities. That’s why it’s recommended to bring your child in within 6 months of the eruption of the first tooth, or at least within the first year. The all-important first visit is a time to make sure your child has a great first experience.

At Ashburn Pediatric Dental Center, your child will receive gentle, customized care in a relaxing environment. Some available preventive treatments include:

  • Dental examinations, including x-rays to monitor tooth eruption and check for decay or other problems
  • Professional dental cleanings, including fluoride treatments to remove stains and deposits and strengthen tooth enamel
  • Oral hygiene education, including brushing and flossing to give your child the necessary tools to help prevent dental disease
  • Dental sealants, to protect your child’s teeth from dental decay

Sometimes prevention isn’t enough, and your child may need restorative dental treatment. Don’t worry! Your pediatric dentist at Ashburn Pediatric Dental Center offers a full range of restorative dental treatments including:

  • Fillings, to eliminate tooth decay and restore your child’s teeth to full function
  • Bonding, to eliminate small cracks, chips or defects using tooth-colored resin material called composite
  • Root canal treatment, to eliminate pain by removing inflamed, diseased tissue from inside a tooth

If your child is in need of orthodontic treatment, Dr. Joseph Errera, your orthodontist at Ashburn Pediatric Dental Center, can help. Orthodontists typically use braces to treat irregularities in your child’s teeth and jaws, such as:

  • Overbites, where the upper front teeth stick out too far over the lower ones
  • Underbites, where the lower teeth are too far forward, or the upper teeth are too far back
  • Crossbites, where the upper teeth do not come down just in from of the lower ones when biting together
  • Open bites, where there is space between the front or side teeth when the back teeth are biting together
  • Misplaced midlines, where the center of the top and bottom front teeth do not align
  • Spacing, where there are gaps or spaces between teeth
  • Crowding, where there are too many teeth space in the mouth

These are just a few of the treatments available for your child. Give your child the best treatment available and call Dr. Patel at Ashburn Pediatric Dental Center in Ashburn, VA. Start your child on the road to healthy smiles for life by calling today!

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