We also offer nitrous oxide, often referred to as laughing gas, as a sedation option. This type of sedation also helps you relax if you are nervous about a procedure or regular visit to the dentist. Laughing gas is a great option for feeling comfortable and having a better experience at our office. In this case, you would breathe from a mask with nitrous oxide and oxygen. In general, people can drive themselves after having nitrous oxide gas.

Sedation dentistry is separate from medication that you might receive for pain. While sedation dentistry will help you relax, you might also receive a local anesthetic or general anesthesia for certain dental procedures. If the idea of sedation or pain medication makes you nervous, please talk to us about your concerns.

If you have questions about sedation or the different types, our staff would be happy to answer them. Allow us to help you calm down about your dental procedure so you can get the care you need for your optimal state of health. To learn more about sedation or make a dental appointment, contact us at (703) 726-4333.