FAQs about Getting Braces

Find out what your child will experience throughout their orthodontic treatment.

Maybe you’ve finally decided it was time for your child to get braces from their Ashburn pediatric dentist Dr. Ajit Patel and orthodontist Dr. Joseph Errera. Getting your child a straighter and healthier smile will certainly help them as they get older. After all, a straight smile is easier to keep clean. However, the orthodontic treatment can feel rather overwhelming. Let us give you some of the answers you’ve been looking for.

Q. When should my child get an orthodontic evaluation?

A. We recommend that children come into our Ashburn pediatric dental office around age 7. While this may seem rather young, by around this age many common orthodontic issues like underbites or crowding have already presented themselves. Correcting these problems is easier between the ages of 7 to 10 years old.

Q. Is there a good age to get braces?

A. Most children tend to get braces between the ages of 10 to 14 because most permanent teeth have come in and the mouth is still growing, making it easier to mold. Even though this is a good time to get braces this doesn’t mean that older teens and even adults can’t benefit.

Q. How long will my child wear braces?

A. This will depend on many factors including the severity of their dental issues. On average, a child will wear braces anywhere from 1 to 3 years. By staying away from damaging foods, keeping up with good oral hygiene and maintaining routine visits with us your child’s treatment process may be expedited.

Q. Braces may improve the look of my child’s teeth but are they really required?

A. There are many patients who get braces for purely aesthetic reason,s but know that straightening your child’s teeth could reduce their chances of cavities and gum disease since straighter teeth are much easier to clean properly. Also, correcting bite problems can go a long way to preventing dental wear and tear and eliminating jaw pain and other issues.

Q. Will braces hurt?

A. There is no sugar coating it. There will be moments, particularly after any adjustments in which braces may feel painful or uncomfortable for a couple days after. This is also normal in the beginning as your child gets used to wearing braces. After a couple months, most patients don’t even notice their braces.

It’s not surprising to have a ton of questions before your child gets braces. The pediatric dentists of Ashburn Pediatric Dental Center understand and are here for your whole family to make your child’s treatment easier. Call us anytime!

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