What is Sedation Dentistry?

A fear of the dentist can be debilitating to your child’s dental health and make you second guess their regular dental examinations and cleanings. However, these important visits and other procedures which repair damaged or decayed teeth are crucial to your child’s dental health. Sedation density can help your children overcome their dental anxiety to get the treatments and preventative care their smiles requires to stay healthy. Find out more about sedation dentistry with Dr. Ajit Patel at Ashburn Pediatric Dental Center in Ashburn, VA.

What is sedation dentistry? 
Sedation dentistry is a way to help you relax in the dentist’s office and undergo your procedure or examination free from dental anxiety. While there are different levels of sedation dentistry ranging from mild to full general anesthesia, many patients simply require nitrous oxide, often referred to as “laughing gas” to relax enough to feel comfortable during their treatment. Patients inhale this treatment in their dentist’s office to help their body and mind relax. However, other patients may require stronger sedatives administered orally just before your appointment to help quell their anxiety. Sedation medication can also be administered intravenously directly into the bloodstream and are stronger than those administered via inhalation or oral tablets.

Can sedation dentistry help my child? 
Oral health is crucial to your child’s well-being and overall health. The yearly examination and cleaning important in maintaining their smile. However, a child with dental anxiety may put up so much of a fight that their parents give up on their appointment altogether, skipping it and allowing potentially serious conditions like teeth decay or gum disease go untreated. Sedation dentistry can help children like this feel at ease during their appointment, allowing their dentist to find and treat these conditions early before they become complex and require more invasive technique. If your child is scared or needs several procedures completed at once, they may benefit from sedation dentistry.

Pediatric Sedation Dentistry in Ashburn, VA
If you think your child could benefit from sedation dentistry, you should consult with their pediatric dentist to confirm that this is the best course of action for them. For more information on sedation dentistry, please contact Dr. Patel at Ashburn Pediatric Dental Center in Ashburn, VA. Call (703) 726-4333 to schedule your child’s appointment with their dentist today!

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